Saturday, July 24, 2010

Newsletter Give-Away!

I've just started a quarterly newsletter. It comes out each season (4 times a year) plus I send you a great coupon on my birthday. If you sign up for my newsletter by September 1, 2010, I'll enter you to win a sterling silver stacking ring. I'm giving away one sterling stacking ring. Just enter your email address here:

You'll learn tips on silver and goldsmithing, how to tell if gems are real, get peeks inside my studio, and learn of new products. And every season, you'll be automatically entered to win some of my jewelry!


  1. I did not find this till today (september first) but I hope that you will still count my entry. That is a beautifully simple band! I am looking for one for my wedding since I can't wear stones as I work with food.

  2. I didn't find this 'til today also. Great ring and hope my entry counts. I'm a gfc follow and an email subscriber. Many thanks.

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