Sunday, January 16, 2011

Daydreaming: Procrastination, Bits N Bobs

Prototype for my engraved book. Engraved poem "The Wave" on a locket.
Copper, patina, colored pencil, lacquer. Engraved locket & photo by Emily Wiser.

anuary is almost over. I didn't work on my engraved book! It's a confession I had to make. It's why I like making jewelry for clients. An order comes in, I get to make it, get to work with the gold or silver, get to make something that's pretty, get the satisfaction of working with my hands and seeing something born. I also wonder about who will wear it, what sentimental occasion it's for, and I'm happy when I can help commemorate important events in people's lives with rings.

When will I work on my engraved copper book, my (paper) vampire novel (lol), and the other new pieces of jewelry I've sketched out for introduction in my shop? I'm just going to have to schedule time in for it. That's what I've done before when I needed to get things done. It's how the big projects, the dream projects, get done. Anyways, here's hoping. Wish me luck!

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  1. January DOES seem to be zooming by,doesn't it!
    You are right.....setting aside that creative time is important.
    Happy creating :o)